Friday, August 06, 2010

Sarawak Inter-Cultural Mooncake Festival Sept 17-22

LANTERNS reflecting the cultures of Sarawak’s local communities will light up Carpenter Street in Kuching during the state’s Ninth Inter-Cultural Mooncake Festival set to take place from Sept 17 to 22.

Lantern-making is the latest activity to be included in this annual event that celebrates the state’s colourful traditions.

The festival working committee will invite several associations from the racial groups in the state to participate in a lantern-making contest.

The completed lanterns will be displayed along Carpenter Street, the festival’s venue, for people to judge the winners.

Apart from Sarawakian culture, the activity will have a category in which the designs will reflect Chinese culture.

Co-organising chairman Datuk Lily Yong said that local cultural troupes and artistes, and 20 dance troupes from China would perform at the festival.

She said about 100 stalls would line Carpenter Street and other programmes like cooking demonstrations would take place from 7pm to 11pm throughout the festival.

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