Thursday, March 15, 2012

Limbang, the Buffalo town - spruced up to attract visitors

LIMBANG: Limbang District Council is spending nearly RM1 million to spruce up the town and its parks.

It is part of a five-year plan to provide the district with infrastructure and facilities to welcome visitors and for the recreation of locals.

Council chairman Sufian Mohat said these projects include a landscape upgrade at Golden Jubilee Square costing RM0.8 million and RM100,000 for lights at Jalan Bulatan Buangsiul up to SK Melayu Pusat.

“The lights give a magical touch to the town square,” he commented.

The council has more such projects in the pipeline including the sprucing up of recreational facilities.

Sufian is optimistic that an attractive landscape could change negative perceptions of this district bordering Brunei.

The council will also adopt a comprehensive approach to turn Limbang town into a popular place of call for visitors from Brunei, Sabah and other parts of Sarawak.

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