Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tourists find it difficult to get to their destination and back in Sarawak

MIRI: Efficient land transport, in particular, is an integral part of the tourism industry, without which precious time would be wasted by tourists new to the place.

This is especially so in Sarawak where natural attractions are located far from the city, some only accessible by water-based transport.

Tourism is made possible by efficient public transport such as a bus network for tourists to move around with ease.

The Borneo Post Adventure Team (BAT) took the opportunity to visit Lambir Hills National Park yesterday, a mere half an hour’s drive from Miri City.

Cruising on the slightly busy Miri-Bintulu Road in the mid-day yesterday, passing through green forests with small villages on both sides of the road, was soothing to our jaded eyes.

According to the Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC), this modest 6,952ha park has one of the world’s most diverse forest ecosystems.

Shielded from the fiery sun by the canopy of lush tropical rainforests, we strolled along the trail, listened to the orchestra of calling cicadas, chirping of birds, and roar of water.

A French couple we met in the park confided to us that they found it quite difficult to get to this national park.

“We took the express coach but it does not provide us with a timetable, which will be troublesome later on,” Sandrine Peculier said.

“I don’t know yet how we are going to get back to the city. We will check with the park’s office later or perhaps we could hitch a ride.”

Sandrine told us about her bad experience with the taxi service when they landed in Miri last Sunday, as the driver was unable to locate the hotel they were to stay in. The couple had earlier been in Kuching.

Gilles De Paoli, a police officer, pointed out that they met some police officers in Kuching whom he found very friendly.

Sandrine and Gilles intend to visit Niah National Park, Mulu National Park and Bario Highlands in their three weeks of escape to Borneo.

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