Monday, March 26, 2012

Save Sabah forest with just RM15

KOTA KINABALU: The public can now do their part in conserving a key Sabah rainforest by contributing as little as RM15.

The money will go towards rehabilitating some 50sq m area within the 34,000ha Malua forest reserve that is critical for the long-term survival of orang utan, pygmy elephants, sun bears and other threatened wildlife species.

Alternatively, they can contribute RM300 to conserve some 1,000sq m of the forest reserve which borders the pristine Danum Valley in Sabah’s east coast.

The contribution can be paid within minutes using the website developed by Malua BioBank, a Sabah-based project for the restoration and protection of critical wildlife habitat and forest ecosystems.

The contribution can also be sent as a gift for birthdays and other special occasions via personalised online certificates featuring animals such as orang utan, sun bears, pygmy elephants, clouded leopards, rhinos and hornbills.

Malua BioBank manager Merril Halley said the Protect Malua site made it easy for everyone to contribute towards rainforest conservation.

“This has to be one of most cost-effective and enduring ways for individuals to contribute to the restoration and protection of prime rainforest,” said Halley.

Contributions will be used to restore the degraded forest which was logged before a ban was imposed in 2008 by the state government.

The funds will be used for forest restoration activities over the next five years, 20% of which will be channelled into the Malua Trust, an endowment that will fund its protection in perpetuity.

Besides providing food for wildlife, restoring the forest will help lock up a massive additional 8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over the next 50 years.

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