Saturday, December 20, 2014

'Bizarre Borneo' gets international interest

KOTA KINABALU: University College Sabah Foundation's (UCSF) 13-episode documentary "Bizarre Borneo" ignited the interest of representatives from the world's leading History Channel and National Geographic.

UCSF's Vice Chancellor, Prof Datuk Ghazally Ismail and Deputy Vice Chancellor Dr Dayang Aminah Ali foresee substantial growth among locals where art is concerned. They vow to ensure that staff and students reach their desired goals.

Dr Dayang said through exposure, they have proven that locals can penetrate the international market. Among collaborations carried out to put locals out there include forging relationships with experts in various countries such as the US, France and England.

Sabah Animation Creative Content Centre (SAC3) and UCSF representatives are in the process of submitting their three-minute trailer to be considered at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) in March.

During an interview, UCSF Master Trainer Abdul Razak Kassim @ Pak Yeop said the film will feature in-depth information on the State's flora and fauna. Among them are the Megapode (Burung Tambun) and Rafflesia.

This will involve extensive research fit for an international audience.

"If we are chosen, we will proceed filming our 13-episode documentary.

"However, even if we do not get selected, History Channel and National Geographic have already given us the green light. They have expressed interest to purchase our documentary."

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