Friday, December 26, 2014

Racing around Labuan Island

Our mission today was to find all the "interesting" spots outlined in the Labuan tourist map.

First was to find a cheap car - a manual Viva at 70 ringget was the go.

Next review the map and make a plan.

I soon came to the conclusion that the map was a very rough guide, it only had about 1/3 of the streets and some sights were on incorrect streets.

But all in all we enjoyed the challenge, saw all the sights ( and some that were not on the map) and made it back in time to return the car at 5pm.

First stop was The Chimney - no one knows why this was even built but it is high on a hill and has been fully restored.

Onto the "United Nations " beach line - this was named a conservation area in 2009, the beach line was cleaned up and now is in pristine condition.

They are beautiful beaches. The tide was out so a swim will be had later in the day.

We circle back to try to find the Bird Park, ignoring where it is shown on the map, unfortunately it is closed on a Friday.

Onward to the War Memorial, this was well looked after and it appears that there is an ongoing restoration process in place.

There are over 3000 graves at the memorial, with over half belonging to "unknown soldiers". A very sad reminder of our past.

Next stop the Marine Museum - this was quite impressive, it is free and has some very good salt water aquariums.

As well as the aquariums it has a giant whale frame that was washed up on a beach in the late 1800's.

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