Sunday, December 28, 2014

Rafflesia Sighting at Poring

Today we wandered around the Chinese Market which is on every Sunday.

I can see where the market structures come form for our markets.

The only difference at these markets is they also sell cat, dogs fish etc.

Many people are confronted by this but it looks no different to our pet shops at home.

After the market it was time for a quick breakfast (dry noodles , and chicken dumpling soup delicious) then off to catch the bus to Poring.

We were meant to catch a bus to Ranau and then get a share taxi to Poring.

The bus driver had 6 passengers going to Poring so he charged us 20MR more to take us all the way.

The bus was full, the driver was playing some sort of linked Internet game on his phone. It was a little scary.

We arrived at Poring with the rain pouring down.

As soon as we arrive we see a sign signifying a Rafflesia is in flower.

We ask one of the staff where to go, he leads us to the private land.

It costs us 30MR each to view the flower.

We drudge though the mud in luring rain to finally get to the flower.

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