Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Land Below the Wind

Today started with breakfast in the car park that serves as a wet and dry market as well as food vendors.

Coffee and once again another Malay breakfast of noodles and fried egg.

We had several chores to do today before starting the "Heritage Walk" around Sandakan.

The jobs included
. finding a Nikon shop to buy a spare battery and charger
. Finding a tailor to take up our hiking pants
. finding a laundry to get our washing done.

Tailor was easy there was one right outside our hotel, so for 10MR we got the pants shortened.

Finding the Nikon shop was a little harder, I knew I had seen one somewhere, so the search begun.

The people here speak very little English so although they try to be very helpful it is hard to get across what you are after.

It took about 30 minutes to find the right shop and purchase my battery and charger.

Now on to the laundry. This should be easy, we were told in the santos market which opened at 9 so we waited when it finally opened we found it was a supermarket not a laundry at all.

We walked the streets looking for a laundry but with no luck. So it was back to the hotel and wash all our gear by hand.

Now off to do the Heritage Trail - this starts at the 100 steps to the Chinese and Japanese cemeteries.

It is a pity that these are neglected and the first is slowly taking over.

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