Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Borneo Beginnings

I find myself in Miri with an afternoon to spare and internet connection that includes a computer… sounds like the perfect time to update the blog.  :)

I’ve been in Borneo for just over two weeks and I am now back in the full swing of this backpacking thing.

I had a bit of a shakey start but my confidence was quickly boosted by some wonderful fellow travellers and it did not take long for me to fall back in to my groove.

First stop was Kota Kinabalu.  The city was fun to walk around, particularly due to the amount of markets that seemed to be sprawled all over the city. 

I am absolutely loving the Asian food and markets are great places for trying random new food!

I spent a morning visiting the Sabah museum, and learnt about headhunting as well as the colonialisation of Borneo.

Did you know that North Borneo competed in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics?

My favourite day in KK was hiring a car with James and Natalie and heading out for a mini road trip to Mt Kinabalu national park. 

Unfortunately, the mountain is still closed after the earthquake (Just an excuse to come back to this part of the world) but we still wanted to take a look. 

Navigating was certainly interesting but the drive was quite spectacular and definitely worth the effort.

After KK I decided to head up the coast to the tip of Borneo after a recommendation from a friend. 

I wanted some well deserved beach time and Howard’s Tampat Do Aman eco camp situated near Kudat was the perfect place for this.

Howard is committed to creating sustainable tourism within the local Rungus community and he has built a well respected business that certainly achieves this.

In all my travelling, I have never been to more idyllic beaches than this spot has to offer.

They were deserted and there were no high rise tourism buildings in sight. It simply was… paradise.

I met Sarah there on my first night and we spent the next three days making the most out of this beautiful location.

Sarah, thank you so much for your company, your Australian humour and your mothering.

This experience was made so much better by having you to share it with.

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