Friday, July 10, 2015

Derawan Island, hidden paradise in Borneo

Indonesia is an archipelago country with more than seventeen thousand islands spanning through almost two million kilometer.

I spent my fare share of travelling throughout Europe, but it doesn't mean I don't explore my own beautiful country.

Last year I went to Derawan island which located in East Borneo province.

To reach Derawan you can either fly to Tarakan, which have more frequent flight, and use speedboat for 2 to 3 hours to reach Derawan or you can fly to Berau and continue with speedboat for about an hour.

If you tend to have sea sick, choosing to fly to Berau is much saver choice.

Basically Derawan is the name of main island, if you choose to stay there, and during your stay you will do island hopping using a speedboat and do a lot of fun stuff.

Most of the accommodation in Derawan are floating house, it's a great new experience just to feel the sea breeze in front of your room or if you decided to count the stars at night or simply sleeping with the sound of the waves beneath you.

First stop for my journey was Kakaban Island, it took me around an hour using speedboat from Derawan.

In Kakaban you'll find a lake where thousand of wild jellyfish live. Wait, what so special about that?

Jellyfish is famous with its sting as a defense mechanism, so even though it really pretty we cannot touch them, but here in Kakaban the jellyfish have live their life peacefully and not developed their defense mechanism a.k.a the sting.

So here we can swim and touch them freely. Psst, try to swim to the center of the lake and you'll see jellyfish with different color.

And you can find this kind of jellyfish only in two places in the world!

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