Monday, July 20, 2015

They have trains in Borneo?

After thinking Borneo was all jungle and wildlife, I decided to take a day trip from Kota Kinabalu and went full steam ahead on the North Borneo Railway!

The line begins at Tanjung Aru and continues all the way down to Tenom, nearly 140km away.

This is a nice area for tourists with lots of cool natural and historic attractions, and I found lots of friendly people in Papar, too.

That is becoming the norm in Malaysia, as everybody seems so friendly here towards tourists.

The future of the railway has also been brightened by the increasing use of it by tourists.

The Beaufort to Tenom stretch of track runs through the Padas River gorge and is regarded as incredibly scenic.

In addition the railway itself is something of an attraction to some, and a historic North Borneo Railway tourist train is operated by Sutera Harbour Resort especially to capture this market.

With the growth of Sabah as a “light adventure” destination, the use of the railway by tourist traffic is quite likely to increase.

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