Thursday, October 22, 2015

Alboppo: Wildlife Spotting in Bako National Park

Today I went to Bako National Park, which is the oldest national park in Sarawak, to go wildlife spotting.

We set off relatively early to board the boat for the 30 minute journey to the park.

After registering when we arrived, we went to the jetty ready to board the boat and there was an otter just next to the jetty with its head popping up out of the water, it then went over to the bank and got out and I saw it running into the trees - the wildlife spotting was off to a good start!

The boat ride was pretty choppy on the way there, luckily I don't suffer from sea sickness!

We arrived at the jetty and got off the boat, as I climbed the steps there was a macaque sat at the top.

The animals here are much more used to people than the more remote rainforest I was in a couple of days ago.

When we went down to the beach there was a proboscis monkey in the tree, he's known as the Lone Ranger and normally hangs out in the trees by the beach.

A couple of photos later, we went out on to the trail to see if we could spot anything else, given that we'd been quite lucky already I didn't hold out much hope to be honest, but I was wrong.

We stepped on to the wooden boardwalk ready to head into the trees and Eric spotted a small whipsnake right by our feet.

It was really quite small and I nearly didn't see it.

We walked round the back of the headquarters hunting for more animals, when we came to the opposite side of the building there were a couple of pretty big bearded pigs wandering around. 

They really didn't bother about people being around at all.

We went back on to the trail and found a small green viper in the trees and another proboscis monkey.

We continued on the trail and after about 10 minutes went off the path a little and found a small pond with terrapin and catfish.

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