Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Wharf setup proposed at Miri Waterfront to boost tourism

MIRI: The Miri City Council (MCC) is proposing to the state government to build a wharf for the public at the waterfront here.

According to Mayor Lawrence Lai, the proposal is an addition to a list of projects to be implemented by the council under a special RM10-million grant, awarded by the state government last month.

“Through the RM10-million allocation, we want to focus on tourism projects in Miri including the approved upgrading of Miri Handicraft Centre that cost RM2 million, and the Green Community Hub worth RM1 million,” he told reporters here yesterday after receiving a courtesy call from 15 delegates representing CNR TV, CNR Radio and UHAI China Anglers Club.

On the proposed public wharf, Lai said it would have the potential of drawing in more international anglers, especially those from China.

“This year, the number of Chinese tourists to Miri has almost doubled from 300 last year, to 500 as at September (this year). This is from (number of anglers taking part in) deep-sea fishing event alone.

“Based on these figures, we are targeting more than 1,000 tourists from China next year through the holding of the highly lucrative deep-sea fishing sport,” he added.

Lai highlighted that in August this year, two China television stations invested one million renminbi (more than RM680,000) for the broadcast of a popular deep-sea fishing programme, which underwent a two-week production here.

“Rising interest among the Chinese visitors is not attributable only to the magnificent coral reefs and marine ecology, but to the diversity of the people in Miri who are able to live together in harmony and offer great hospitality to tourists,” he said.