Thursday, October 29, 2015

Clive Einstein Blog: Experience Sabah For Only $125

When I got the opportunity to experience Sabah, I grabbed it and planned my trip so I could at least cover most of the places I have seen before in the travel magazines and TV show. Some of the more common words to describe the place: beautiful, exotic, unique and adventure.

My traveling companions echoed these sentiments (there were six of us). A friend of mine, who’s from there, told me to try the food, go to the island and experience the foothill of Mount Kinabalu.

Creativity has no bounds when it comes to exploring Sabah. Based on your own level of comfort and curiosity you can walk, hike, cycle, kayak, climb, dance, rent a car, hire a guide, take a bus or swim and enjoy the beautiful corals at the beautiful islands.

Kota Kinabalu (KK) is a great place to begin. As the capital of Sabah, the city offers a whole range of unique food that you can only find them here, affordable places to stay (especially if you are on a budget) and a half-an-hour boat ride to the islands off the shore of the mainland such as the Manukan Island.

While KK remains a gateway for tourists to fly into Sabah, it is not really a walkable city. But that shouldn’t stop you. You can find cheap taxis and cars for rent quite easily around the city. I would recommend you to stay around the Jesselton Point harbor area as I believe, that is  one of the most strategic locations in the city.


You can take the boat to the islands, there are plenty of shopping malls near Jesselton and a lot of restaurants and bars if you want to enjoy cold beers and crispy fried prawns by the seaside at night and the hotels around the area are not too expensive either.

Oh, don’t forget that just a five minute taxi ride from the Jesselton point, you can go to the famous Filipino Market to buy fruits, fresh fish from the sea and lots of restaurants to try seafood at relatively affordable prices.

We spent a full-day on the island. It was not the best time of the year, unfortunately. While we were there to enjoy the beauty of the place, the haze caused by the forest fire from Indonesia obscured the view though, which is otherwise undoubtedly majestic.

However, let it not dampen our spirits. For our return trip from the mainland to the island and back, lunch and snorkeling, we spent less than $50 each.

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