Sunday, October 18, 2015

Enthusiasts called to join Sarawak Bird Race ‘15

KUCHING: Malaysian Nature Society Kuching Branch, in collaboration with the state Ministry of Tourism, is organising the Sarawak Bird Race 2015 on Nov 1 at Borneo Highlands Resort.

Sarawak, unfortunately, is not as well known as a birding destination as Peninsular Malaysia or Sabah. Borneo Highlands Resort, an important bird area since 2010, is one the more accessible location to see Sarawak’s rare and endemic birds.

This resort borders Kalimantan, at the 1,300-metre ridge that marks the international boundary. It is located about an hour’s drive from Kuching in the Penrissen Highlands.

Four out of the eight species of hornbills found in Sarawak (10 species are found in Malaysia) have been seen here. These are the Black, Rhinoceros, White-crowned and Wreathed Hornbills.

MNS Kuching vice-chairperson Rose Au said rare birds found at BHR included Blue-banded Pitta, Pygmy White-eye and Bornean Barbet. All together, up to 201 species had been recorded.

These birds could be seen along the forest trail that skirts the cliff.

This is a great chance for experts and novice birders to be part of citizen science. The data collected will be incorporated into the world database on birds. This information is a way of measuring the health of the environment.

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