Thursday, January 21, 2016

‘Too country’ duo to perform at Miri Country Music Fest next month

KUCHING: Their music has been described as sounding ‘too country’ but the husband-and-wife team from USA, Jo-el and LeAnne Ulmer, have taken that comment on a very positive note.

More so, they even deliberately tried to live up to that description and make the name of the band fitted to it. Thus, the birth of 2Country4Nashville and the duo will be performing at the upcoming Miri Country Music Fest next month.

A press statement yesterday said the musical couple had in fact participated in a reality country music competition and they had made it to the finale. But the judges told them they sounded ‘too country’ for the Nashville music scene; which could be why they did not make a winning out of their performance.

But then they thought it would be nice to just capitalize on their ‘too country’ sound and sing traditional country tunes.

“We want people to know that real country music is alive and well,” said Jo-el who spots the pompadour hairstyle.

The duo who have been performing together for the past eight years have just celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary, and currently, they have their own radio show back home.

Apart from his pompadour hairstyle, Jo-el’s other signature image is his custom-made ‘Sparklecaster’ bright orange guitar, which LeAnne matches with her orange tambourine.

What festival goers can expect from these two performers this coming Feb 27 is their good traditional country music would be blended with their fun personality on stage.

2Country4Nashville together with the other bands promise to put the sparkle and twang back in the country music at the country music festival to be held at ParkCity Everly Hotel in Miri.

The other performers are Tantowi Yahya from Indonesia, Leonard and the Country Riders (Singapore), Ruby Boots from Australia, and from Malaysia are Os Pombos (Kuala Lumpur), Jonathan Tse (kota Kinabalu), and Mountain Wind (Sarawak).