Thursday, April 07, 2016

Curios Traveller - Relax Coffee Cafe @ Manggatal Plaza

Hidden somewhere in the abundant shop lots of Manggatal Plaza, Relax Coffee Cafe is making its way to be on par with the other modern or hipster cafes.

Although this cafe is not located in the Kota Kinabalu CBD (Central Business District), foodies and cafe hunters do keep going to this awesome and vibrant cafe.

Initially, it was hard for me and my photographer @joehairie to locate this cafe due to its location.

We know where Manggatal Plaza is but we did not know that a hipster cafe can be found at this ‘so ordinary’ place.

It was about 3 weeks ago that we found out about this cafe through Instagram posts.

To those who have never been to this cafe, this post is meant for you.

Lets take a peek into what this Cafe has to offer to its avid cafe hunters a.k.a foodies.

Relax Coffee Cafe is precisely beside the CKS Supermarket and above Rice King Restaurant.

The cafe is on the 1st floor so up we went until we saw the big signboard “Relax Coffee Cafe”.

The entrance is on the left. I opened the door and was quite surprised by the artsy interior that was actually done the right way.

The sofas are full of colors but maintaining black color as its background. It is more to the contemporary design and has that young and fresh touch.

Indeed it is a hipster cafe. The ambiance itself will make you want to stay for hours.