Sunday, April 03, 2016

Nick and Liulye - Kuching: City of Cats

To start of our adventures in Borneo, you should probably know a little bit about Borneo itself.

Borneo is the name of an island that is split up into 3 countries, part of Borneo belongs to Malaysia, part Indonesia, and the other part the country of Brunei.

This time we visited 2 states in Malaysian Borneo, Sabah and Sarawak. 

Despite both belonging to Malaysia they are on opposite sides of Brunei.

Our first stop in Borneo was Kuching, the capital of the Malaysian state Sarawak. 

Kuching itself is similar to the Malay word for cat, so a lot of people tend to refer to Kuching as the cat city. 

The city itself really embraces that description, and there are a lot of statues of cats throughout the city. 

In addition to the statues, we did see a few stray cats running around, and Nicholas and I guessed that they are probably better treated here because of their being the namesake of the city. 

We also saw in tourist information that they have a Cat Museum, but we didn’t come across it in our wanderings.

Kuching is a popular destination for people who want to experience the natural side of Borneo.

It’s located quite near to several national parks where among other things you can see the Rafflesia flower, a flower known for its large size, and it’s intense, stinky smell. 

There is also an orangutan sanctuary nearby and lots of hiking trails.

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