Thursday, April 21, 2016

ThomasBlogsChina: Sepilok, Selingan Island, and Osman’s Homestay

We are just back from a trip to Sabah, Borneo and man, was it amazing! Borneo is the third largest island in the world.

Sabah is home to the Kinabatangan River, which draws much of the island’s wildlife towards its southern parts due to excessive logging and palm plantations in the North and even some of the South.

We started our trip in Sepilok – home to the Orangutan Rehab and Sun Bear Conversation Centers.

Both parks were very well designed and allowed for these animals to be seen in their natural habitat.

I’d argue that the Orangutan Rehab Center did a better job of showing visitors the animals truly in the wild because the Sun Bears were kept in different fenced areas, which limited their mobility somewhat.

Regardless, it was still really cool to see these animals.

We stayed at Sepilok Forest Edge Resort, which I would highly recommend. The chalet that we stayed in was really nice – with A/C!

Next, we went to Selingan Island – one of three uninhabited Malaysian islands in the Sulu Sea where sea turtles land to lay eggs.

During the day, we were able to hang out on the beautiful beach, snorkel, and just relax.

At night, we watched one (of the twelve turtles that landed that night) lay eggs, then we relocated those eggs to the small hatchery in the middle of the island, and released the evening’s hatchlings from the day into the sea.

The island is also home to a number of monitor lizards… these giants are the main predator of turtle eggs on the island and are one of the reasons that the eggs are relocated to the hatchery.