Friday, April 01, 2016

From the South to Southeast Asia - Kuching

Like most of you reading this, I had no prior knowledge of Kuching.

I knew that I was booking a flight to Borneo, but nothing really beyond that.

Well… I guess I heard ahead of time that its name means “Cat City,” but that has to be a bad sign for a dog person traveling there, right?

I went to Kuching with no expectations and had yet another incredible trip to yet another Southeast Asian country.

The only downside was the excessive number of cat statues.

Those I could have done without.

Kuching was different than most other places I’ve traveled this semester, as it’s not a major city.

The city is walkable, not too crowded, and full of kind people and delicious food–a pretty great combination.

I especially loved the area along the waterfront near our hostel.

It was so peaceful, and lots of the buildings had an artistic touch added to them.

Aiming for a relaxed weekend, we spent the majority of our first day hiking in Bako National Park… and acquiring sunburns.

Somehow it’s easy to forget how close we are to the Equator here, and I’m sure my skin absolutely hates me for it.

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