Sunday, October 23, 2016

Curios Traveller: The Pacific Sutera Hotel, Sutera Harbour Resort @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah - Deluxe Sea View Twin Room

Imagine this. You’re tired from that long journey on the plane, arriving at your destination and then to your hotel. You received your key card and when you open the door of your room, you found a balcony with some comfy deck chairs. The sunset view is there waiting for you. The sea breeze is giving you that freshest air that you needed most.

Sit and enjoy the moment, every day, if you want to. We had that moment at The Pacific Sutera Hotel, Sutera Harbour Resort at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. We had that breathtaking view of South China Sea and the Islands nearby. We sat on the deck chairs, enjoying the sea breeze, on the balcony attached to our Deluxe Sea View Twin Room.


We can’t believe it that after so many years and after recently vowing to return, we’re actually here at The Pacific Sutera Hotel. It’s been a while since the last stay and we’re not sure if the hotel is still offering the same qualities in both service and products. Well, we finally return and will be nesting here for 3 days and 2 nights.

From the outside, it looks exactly the same like what we saw years ago. We love the rooms on the higher floors dedicate to Pacific Club guests. This time around, we’re booked on a Deluxe Sea View Twin Room but still having full access to the exclusive Pacific Club.

The first thing that we noticed when alighted from our transport was the amazing glass panel on top, outside the lobby area. It gives spectacular view of the blue sky. Guests with their own cars need not to worry as there are abundant parking lots available at this hotel. Those with no transport will find that it’s easier to move around the Sutera Harbour Resort Complex as there is complimentary shuttle, operating from early morning to midnight. Taxis and shuttle to the city center are available as well.

Loretta and Masna were the first two people that we met when arriving at the Lobby area. They both are assigned to greet incoming and departing guests. It’s good to see some people smiling genuinely. Wearing the traditional Malaysian Baju Kurung, they were more than happy to be ‘captured’ by our camera’s lenses. These 2 nice young ladies personally escorting and showing us the way to the reception area. Seeing great staffs such as them was an indication that we’re to meet more amazing staffs.

Then there’s Sabri, smiling when he saw us coming to him. Seeing his welcoming gesture, we can’t possibly leave him without taking a picture of him. This is the right way to greet guests, smiling genuinely rather than showing all that stress. It’s easy to detect genuine smile, we’re professionally trained to do that. 

The eyes will tell if someone is smiling genuinely or faking it. Sabri welcomed us and after doing all the ‘check-in procedures’ in record time, he gave us our key card. He explained in details about the privileges that Pacific Club has to offer and within minutes we found ourselves in the elevator, going up to our room on the 8th floor.

There’s this amazing breathtaking view of the golf course from a large window next to the elevators on the 8th floor. That’s the award winning 27-hole championship golf course designed by Graham Marsh! Perhaps one day we will play golf here, fingers crossed. Such beautiful green area and not far is actually the other end of Kota Kinabalu International Airport runway. Lovely view and we believe there’s more to come.