Friday, October 21, 2016

Go4TravelBlog: 5 Mind-blowing Activities to Take Part in on Sipadan Island

As the only oceanic island in Malaysia, Sipadan measures a mere half-kilometer in length and just 200 meters in width. But whatever it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in beauty and diversity.

Most famous for being one of the world’s premiere dive sites, Sipadan Island activities also offer plenty of other fun to the intrepid traveler, which explains the island’s growing popularity among people of all ages and levels of experience.

Things were not always like this. The island was formed by living corals growing on top of an extinct volcanic cone that took several thousands of years to develop. By 1933, Sipadan had garnered enough of a reputation to be declared a bird sanctuary by the British due its status as an important stopover for various species like the greater sand plover and the wood sandpiper.

But it was its portrayal in the Jacques Cousteau film “The ghost of the sea turtle” that brought international fame to this small island. Despite recent disputes between Indonesia and Malaysia over possession of the island, Sipadan has continued to thrive as a tourist destination.

Among the many Sipadan Island activities travelers can engage in while on the Island, the following five should figure high up on anybody’s list:

1. Scuba diving

As the activity that put Sipadan Island on the map, scuba diving here can indeed be an absolutely unforgettable experience. The waters around the island are filled with all sorts of exotic creatures, including the likes of leopard sharks, hammerheads and sea turtles.

It’s best to avoid traveling during monsoon season, as the rain greatly affects underwater visibility, which is otherwise pristine enough that several amazing videos have already been shot in the waters around Sipadan. Also, be aware that only 120 divers are allowed per day in an effort to keep the area as unadulterated as possible, so booking your Sipadan Island activities ahead of time is mandatory.

2. Snorkeling

Snorkeling often comes bundled together with scuba diving as two of the most common activities in Sipadan, but it actually offers a very different experience. Snorkeling can be done in the absence of any qualifications, and involves staying at the surface of the ocean.

Nonetheless, the waters of Sipadan are clear enough to allow excellent views of the corals and reef fishes below, and may even allow occasional turtle and shark sightings as well.