Friday, October 07, 2016

Love Style Mindfulness: Borneo Travel Diary

We’ve seen and done so much in Borneo that it 100% has become my favourite place so far! Though I’m sure I will be saying that about Sri Lanka and Thailand too!!!! Because of this I wanted to do a little travel diary on what we’ve been up to! There are so many photos I wanted to share with you and had to cut them down by half and there are still so many!!!

Kota Kinabalu, Borneo

As I mentioned in my previous post Kota Kinabalu was not my favourite place to be and had me questioning if I wanted to be in Borneo at all. Everyone raves about it and says how amazing it is but we found between the terrible weather and lack of things to do we spent most of our time eating and drinking!!! After a couple of days we made the decision to fly to the other side of Borneo, Sarawak to see what it was like!

Sapi Island

Before we went off to Sarawak we managed to fit in a day trip to Sapi Island. We’d seen the Coral Reef Flyer which looked amazing (and was in real life), a zipwire going from one beautiful island to another over the clear blue ocean! Perfect no?

Anyway, as I mentioned before about the weather, we had a couple of hours of sunshine then as we did the zip wire it started to rain and didn’t stop until just before we got our boat (phew!). The boats have to be back by 3pm because of the storms and tides which make the ocean choppy and we were cutting it fine, it was probably the scariest ride of my life but also the most fun!

Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo

As soon as we got to Kuching I knew I would love it. We stayed at The Travellers Homestay which is run by a lovely lady and has a real home feeling to it wish christmas decorations everywhere and bits about the history of Sarawak, I loved it! We did a lot of wandering round and exploring whilst here and went to lots of national parks and I did my first ever “trek”, the most I’ve ever done before is walk 5k for the race of life and I never go to the gym so this was a struggle!

Semenggoh Nature Reserve

Semenggoh Nature Reserve was the first thing we did when we got to Kuching, it’s the number one thing to do of course in Borneo, to see Orangutans! We were so lucky when we first got there that this guy was just hanging there chilling out and letting us take pictures so close!

I had never seen an Orangutan before in real life and when we saw this guy I assumed he was a full grown adult because this is all I’ve seen on the TV. THEN, we met the big guys, 2 Orangutans twice his size I honestly though they were Gorillas!!! 

We were told they can be aggressive only for one to then walk out of the rainforest and run up the road reeking havoc in the car park! It was so funny but also scary but these things just add to the experience and make great storys right?

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