Monday, October 10, 2016

Sabah International Tattoo Convention: Meet tattoo artists from all over the world in Sabah

Been thinking of getting a tattoo but not sure where to go or what design to get?

Well you can get the chance to meet tattoo artists and enthusiasts from all over the world at the 2nd Sabah International Tattoo Convention.

The convention, happening from Oct 21 to 23 in Kota Kinabalu, will feature 66 tattoo artists from 20 countries. This includes a handful of artists from Malaysia like Shane Leong (Terengganu), Darren Wen and Pit Fun (Penang), Cliph Nevilleson, Taco Joe and Jim Losaria (Sabah) and Ernesto Kalum (Sarawak).

Organised by Koiyak Gloves, the three-day convention is set to showcase not just artwork by the artists but also various tattooing methods, including the more traditional needling styles that are still being practised today. At last year’s convention, booths featuring traditional Bornean and Buddhist sak yant tattoos drew many curious onlookers who were eager to learn more.

You can also get inked by any of the artists featured at the convention (for a fee, of course!). Among the renowned international artists who will be in KK are Mattia Maranggoni and Marco Leonie from Italy, Guy Le Tattoer from France, Nic Tse from Hong Kong, Jun Chihara from Japan, Christian Nguyen and Raphael Buhlman from Switzerland, Gino Angelov from Britain, Captain Wonderful from Austria, Joel Ang from Singapore, Jimmy Toge from Indonesia, and Rojan Shrestha from Nepal.

Also available is Carlos Benny Majakil from Malaysia, convention founder/organiser and owner of Koiyak Gloves, a local brand of non-powdered black latex gloves used by professional tattoo artists around the world.

Majakil and fellow artists Kalum, Leonie and Jimmy Wong (Thailand) are part of a jury that will be judging numerous contests during convention.