Monday, March 23, 2015

Borneo Adventure 2

Continuation of the first day

After our lunch at the lodge and checking into our rooms, we had about an hour or two to ourselves.

John and I went and explored the lodge and the walkways through the forest surrounding the lodge.

Around 4pm, we left again on a smaller motorized boat to go upstream and look for more wildlife.

There was talk of elephants being further upstream in the days prior.

So our guide, Albert, said we would go a ways up river and then come back slowly looking for wildlife.

I really wanted to see an elephant, but apparently it is quite rare.

We traveled upstream for about an hour without seeing much of anything.

I was tired of sitting in boats and felt like it would be a waste of a trip as it seemed there was nothing to be seen in the thick forests lining the riverbanks.

We then came across a film crew who apparently had been sitting in the same spot since before noon and had seen some elephants crossing the river at noon – it was now 5pm and they said they were waiting for more.

We stopped for a moment and continued up a bit further, saw some more monkeys and turned around.

This time when we stopped and our guide spoke to the driver of the film crew’s boat, they relayed to us that in fact about 50 pygmy elephants had emerged from the woods and swam across the large river.

They also said one female had turned around and gone back in to the woods without crossing and there were two males that had not crossed.

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