Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sabah, Part II: Beaches

We got off the high altitude in ear popping fashion, hurtling down slopes on our ever reliable van. Most of us dozed off and within a couple of hours we were transported from the foot of Mount Kinabalu to the wide expanse of the ocean.

We checked into Magellan Sutera Resort on a clear, hot afternoon. Most of the rooms faced the ocean, and ours was no different. It was a luxurious place that had everything you’d expect from a seaside resort, from well decorated interiors to Grohe shower heads.

We slacked for a while in the room before going out to witness the spectacular sunset. And boy, it was spectacular, with the sun sinking into the ocean like a coin falling streamlined into the still waters of a well.

To me, the fading of the light usually brought along with it some fears and despondence, but on such a fine day, I felt comfortable witnessing such a beautiful transaction.

We travelled to the city nearby for a nice dinner at Welcome Seafood Restaurant, a popular haunt for delectable seafood for both locals and tourists alike. It was filled to the brim with hungry guests and those waiting for seats were aggressive in attaining the first vacated spot.

We had to choose our seafood which were kept alive in small fish tanks. Tiger prawns the size of chihuahuas, lobsters the size of mini schnauzers, and squid the length of your arm greeted us. It was a tough choice, but we made a few orders.

We hadn’t had seafood for the entire trip, so it was great to dig into something new. The food was fresh and the service was lightning quick. It was almost like they knew your next move and prepared beforehand.

You turn to make the order and when you turn back to eat again, your order would be right in front of you. It was that sort of stunningly swift service standard. The fried squid and flower clams were sheer class, though the crabs were a little tiny.

Sure, in our final analysis, the portions were a little underwhelming, but we ordered enough dishes to feel fully satiated. Being close to the ocean and having the best of its offerings, it was a the perfect way to end our day.

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