Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Bidroom: Borneo – the Island of Three Nations

As a third largest island in the World Borneo is known worldwide. However, many people believe it to be a country, while in fact, three different nations administrate it. It is a unique land in terms of both nature and politics. Today we will have a look at its peculiarities.

But First, What is Borneo?

Before diving into its political system maybe we should introduce you to some of the basic facts about this incredible land.

Borneo is surrounded by other islands. It almost looks like the pearl of its region, lying between the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam, in the extreme southwest of the Pacific Ocean.

Its location means it has a tropical climate, with only two seasons, wet and dry. Borneo is a rather humid land, mostly due to the rainforest covering half of the island. That and a primarily mountainous landscape creates quite a treat to the eye.

There are over 200 different ethnic groups inhabiting Borneo. They are known as the Dayaks. On top of that, the island is politically divided among Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.

Indonesian Borneo

Indonesian territory covers approximately 73 percent of the area of the island, so we will describe that part first.

It is called Kalimantan, which is actually Indonesian name for the entire island of Borneo. It means “burning weather island” and refers to the high temperatures on the island throughout the year.

Indonesian Borneo is divided into five provinces, Central, North, South, East and West Kalimantan. Together they cover the entire southern part of the island as well as half of its northern part.

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