Thursday, November 16, 2017

Monkey's Tale: Borneo, Part 4 – Exotic Flowers, Crazy Monkeys and Headhunters


After a week in the Mulu jungle we were ready for a few days in a city, and Kuching is a lovely city to unwind in and re-energize yourself.

It is located on the Sarawak River at the edge of the South China Sea. 

There are vibrant neighborhoods such as New and Old China Towns with interesting old Chinese and colonial architecture, bustling local shops and narrow winding streets.

It makes good use of the waterfront with a nice walkway along it with restaurants and shops.

We haven’t mentioned food in a while because there hadn’t been any worth mentioning, until now.

We found a few amazing restaurants here. Many restaurants use local jungle greens and fruits as the main ingredients in their tasty dishes.

At one restaurant, the kitchen staff came outside to their garden, cut a few leaves off of one of the plants and took them back to the kitchen – now that’s fresh!

After a couple of days wandering around Kuching, it was time to get back to the jungle. We headed to Gunung Gading National Park for 2 days.

This park is famous for its Rafflesia flowers. We saw this exotic flower on our own in Kinabalu Park, but in Gunung Gading you have to take a guide to see the flowers.