Friday, March 02, 2018

Bimbling without Boris: Post 18 Beautiful, bountiful Borneo! @annebartlnomad

When I was 7 years old, my father bought me a huge book about countries and peoples of the world.

It fascinated me, and I am sure fuelled my wanderlust, as I wanted to visit everywhere in the book!

Borneo was presented as one of the most remote and mysterious destinations.

A land of Orangutang, strange proboscis monkeys and head hunters.

Now I would finally visit! Flying into Kuching in Sarawak you could see this was real tropical jungle!

Close to the equator geographically, Borneo is an island which partly belongs to Indonesia, partly to Malaysia and also the kingdom of Brunei.

The Malaysia bit is further divided into Sabah, and Sarawak where we stayed!

Kuching is a small but growing city on the riverside, with a lovely relaxed atmosphere.

The area is a happily cohabiting mix of extremely friendly local tribespeople, Malays, old time chinese and some expats.

We walked into town everyday to explore the rainbow interiors of the fabric shops.

This is the home of Batik printing. Prices were ridiculously low, so some fabric may have sneaked into my case!