Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Brunei Tourism to hold Second Away Day

By Huraizah Ahmad

The Brunei Tourism Board comprising 12 members representing both the government and private sector and chaired by the Deputy Minister of Industry and Primary Resources, Dato Paduka Haji Hamdillah bin Haji Abdul Wahab, will be holding its Second Away Day at the Empire Hotel and Country Club, which was voted best venue for the inaugural Brunei Open Golf Tournament 2005.

The objective of the Second Brunei Tourism Board Away Day is to create greater awareness among members and stakeholders of projects being undertaken by various government departments and categorise them according to their economic impact on tourism industry in Brunei.

These projects will then be prioritised enabling the various departments to put more emphasis on those projects which will have immediate impact on tourism.

The invitees for this informal meeting include members of the board, and key members from the various chambers of commerce in Brunei, Brunei-Japan Friendship Association, Brunei-Korea Association for Friendship and the Brunei-China Friendship Association.

The informal and interactive sessions will be facilitated by two members from the Faculty of Business, Economics and Policy Studies (FBEPS) of the Universiti Brunei Darussalam, together with Chris Robles, Tourism Expert of the Tourism Development Department.

Brunei Tourism is the Tourism Development Department in Brunei's Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, acting as secretariat of Brunei Tourism Board, mandate and in charge of the international promotion and marketing of Brunei as a tourism destination of choice.

Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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