Saturday, August 19, 2006

Fruit season is here again in Sabah

By Haji Mohd Zaide Haji Damit

September brings another fruit season in Brunei as well as in Lawas, Terusan, Sindumin and Papar in Sabah.

Fruits such as durian, cempedak, banana, salak and rambutan are in abundance this time around.

Roadside stalls selling a variety of local fruits can be found along Lawas to Sipitang as well as at the markets and 'tamu'.

Rambutan is one of the common fruits in the Sultanate.

The hairy fruit grows on branches on woody stalks. It is usually greenish in colour, turning red or yellow once it matures.

Rambutan is usually eaten fresh and raw, by cutting open the skin to reveal the succulent, white flesh.

The king of all fruits is the durian.

The name durian is derived from the Malay word 'duri' which means thorns, so durian is literally known as the 'thorny fruit'.

A ripe durian produces a pungent smell.

Some people might find the smell offensive and thus the fruit is banned at hotels and airplanes.

The durian flesh is also produced into various food items such as cakes and ice-creams, and the fermented fruit, known as the 'tempoyak', is eaten with 'ulam' (traditional salad).

Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin Weekend

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