Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Call to tap local Sarawak tourism potentials

MIRI— Tourism entrepreneurs especially the Bumiputera are urged to tap the full potential of Sarawak's eco-tourism and cultural diversity to position the State aggressively with Cultural, Adventure and Nature (CAN) tagline which is different from the tourism concept in the world market.

In fact, most of these nature wonders in the State are located in rural areas.

Second Minister of Planning and Resource Management, Dato Sri Awang Tengah Ali Hassan, would like the Bumiputera in the rural areas to make their surrounding nature wonders and the uniqueness of cultural diversity into a comprehensive strategy to promote the precious asset in an aggressive manner.

"Nature-based tourism is not new to Sarawak because all this while the tourism players via the State government makes every effort to develop the potential. This is in line with the State government’s aspiration in making the tourism as one of the major sources of income to boost the State's economy," he said in his address when officiating at Kedayan HomeStay at Bungai Bekenu yesterday.

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