Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Brunei Tourism: Selling peace as tourist attraction

PEACE is a rare commodity these days and Brunei Darussalam has this in abundance. It seems that Sheikh Jamaluddin, Director of Brunei Tourism is very much attuned to this fact because earlier this week he promoted this aspect as a superior tourist attraction compared to what other tourism spots have to offer.

He said that, unlike other tourism destinations with nightlife, Brunei Darussalam is rich with cultural heritage, is peaceful and tranquil and boasts of better quality of life. He also said Brunei's strength is its people, and the "soft side" of the country with low crime rate.

Such attributes go a long way in attracting investment in the industry. Jamaluddin was speaking during a roadshow to promote the domestic tourism under the Kenali Negara Kitani (KNK) or "Get to Know Our Country" initiative at the Civil Service Institute, Rimba.

Brunei Tourism, in its three-year drive to increase domestic awareness, is targeting members of the public, government officials, students and associations. The campaign includes as partners the private sector hotel and travel companies. Already 25 partners have signed with Brunei Tourism.

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