Monday, June 04, 2007

Spectacular Weston

WESTON: The craving for the best fishing ground was what first led Eric Tan and friends to Weston, an old laid-back town nestled in mangrove, riverine and gymnostoma swamp forest some miles south of Beaufort.

Fish talk led them to one Haji Jaafar, and soon the group hired a boat for a ride along the Si Jam Jam river.

“I felt the serenity and tranquillity and I knew that there was no turning back,” said Eric, a fishing enthusiast and businessman.

The Weston Association is extensive in bays and estuaries and with it hundreds of proboscis monkeys, various other types of monkeys like the macaque and silver langours, monitor lizards, giant mudskippers, smooth otters, flying foxes and snakes, crocodiles, kingfishers, egrets, eagles, and a whole range of birds and other wildlife.

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