Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sarawak calling nature lovers

Inspite of the Incredible India campaign selling tremendously well, a number of Indian states have actively emerged as individual promoters increasing their potential as tourist destinations.

Likewise, Tourism Malaysia is now encouraging its largest state of Sarawak at promoting itself as a haven for nature tourism individually but also selling the concept under the Tourism Malaysia banner.

Malaysia is following India's way in promoting tourism. The state enjoys an autonomous status and has an independent immigration process.

The state of Sarawak boasts of enchanting rainforests, a variety of flora and fauna, national parks, reefs and mountain trails, all for the responsible tourists combined with its increasing popularity as a MICE destination.

Its products are as diverse as its ethnic groups, arts and crafts, musical festivals like the Rainforest World Music Festival, Miri Jazz festival, Borneo Cultural festival, wildlife wonders, natural wonders and adventure tourism opportunities are the things that call for a visit.

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