Wednesday, January 14, 2009

MAS drops domestic fuel surcharge

Subang: Malaysia Airlines will remove its domestic fuel surcharge for travel in Malaysia effective today (Jan 14). This decision was made by Malaysia Airlines after taking into account the decline in fuel prices, competitive pressures and the need to boost air travel during this period of economic slowdown.

Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Sri Idris Jala said, “We have always offered competitive fares that are benchmarked against our competitors on a route by route basis. Today’s move is in line with the competition, ensuring even more competitive pricing.

“Our stand is the total amount that the customer pays must be competitive, whether it’s the fares alone or fares in combination with the fuel surcharge. It’s the total sum of the parts that matters.”

The removal of the fuel surcharge will see more competitive prices for MH Value Fares which offers 4 fare options for economy class travel – MHlow, MHbasic, MHsmart and MHflex.

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