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Sabah Tourism Upcoming Event: 4M Kiulu Bamboo Rafting Challenge

25 January 2009
With valleys, mountains, rivers and hills, Sabah is every adventure-enthusiast’s dream. It’s all thrills and spills this month during the annual 4M Kiulu Bamboo Rafting Challenge. The event was initially scheduled to take place in December but due to unfavourable weather conditions, the event had to be postponed to January. Severe floods swept away the bamboo rafts and affected the race course. Organisers had no choice but to postpone the event to a later date.

This exciting Quad-event consists of four popular race-events of Kadazandusun people: Manang’kus (a 6-km run), Mamang’kar (bamboo rafting for 5 km along the rapids), Manam’Patau (paddle-swim for 1.3 km with a bamboo pole) and Mama-ram-panau (bamboo stilt-walking for 0.2 km).

Since its debut in 1996, the race has become a much-anticipated annual event, attracting adventure-enthusiasts from all over. The competition has several categories, including the X-treme 5M, the Mixed Open and Junior Open. Over the years, it has received rave reviews from both local and international participants due to its unique race elements – a truly Sabahan race! Come and cheer for your favourite team and be part of the excitement during the Challenge!
For more information or to register, please contact Ariffin Gadait (organising chairman) at 088-225752 or 019 862 4585. E-mail

Source: Sabah Tourism

Note: Photo Copyright to Sabah Tourism

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