Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Kaamatan harvest festival: Unduk Ngadau pageant announced

IN LINE with the Kaamatan harvest festival celebrations this month, Sabah’s Kadazandusun community once again puts together its iconic annual pageant, the Unduk Ngadau, a traditional search for the best female paragon of beauty and grace.

Originally held to honour the harvest spirit Huminodun, who selflessly sacrificed herself as an offering to end drought and bring forth great crop harvests to her people, the Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan 2009 adds a new district to its roster of eligible participants.

The addition of Tungku brings the number of the pageant’s representatives to 41 this year, a list that frequently draws on various parts of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu and even the Klang Valley.

The official harvest festival celebrations are expected to finish by May 23, specifically in Tenom and Kunak. Representatives are encouraged to submit their participation details by then as the closing date for submissions is on May 24.

Districts and regions have been requested to send in details as soon as the day after Kaamatan celebrations in their area. The requirements for selection remain similar, with all young Kadazandusun women aged 18 to 25 as of January 1, 2009 being eligible to join.

The initial registration for the 41 participants begins on May 27 from 8am to 10pm at a venue to be announced at a later date, where finalists will be fully clad in traditional attire and prepared for a short photo shoot scheduled during the day.

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