Thursday, May 07, 2009

Wild time on the Kinabatangan

IF you love watching wildlife, go on a boat ride along Sungai Kinabatangan in Sabah and you won’t be disappointed.

Almost all tourists who come to the Kinabatangan, the second longest river in Malaysia, are here to see the wildlife.

The forest and mangroves in the lower part of the river in the east coast of Sabah is home to a varied collection of wildlife.

One morning, our group of eight were thrilled to see long-tailed macaques, silver leaf monkeys, oriental pied hornbills, Brahminy kite eagles, serpent eagles and a saltwater crocodile. The highlight of the cruise was catching a glimpse of the rare Proboscis monkey.

Changing Scenes

We had signed up with Uncle Tan’s Wildlife Camp and guide Ghaffar explained that early morning was when the animals were most actively looking for food. That explained the bounty we just saw.

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