Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sabah a satisfying experience to visit

SABAH is a "very satisfying" place to visit, according to pharmacy students of the International Medical University who stormed Sabah Museum's Heritage Village, Monday.

"This is my first visitÉmy first experience to see these unique ethnic tribes and they are so friendly," said Kwan Zuan Ur, after having a whale of a time dancing with the Papar Kadazandusun cultural troupe, including Minister Datuk Masidi himself.

Asked how they got to know the Heritage Village, she said: "Our driver brought us." Apart from culture, the other memorable aspect of Sabah was the seafood.

"We were in Sandakan the last couple of days and practically gorged on lots of seafood because it's so nice, so fresh and yet so cheap compared to KL where it's so hard to get, so expensive and not fresh," she said.

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