Saturday, May 02, 2009

A showcase of culture and heritage at the Kaul festival

MUKAH: THE colourful Kaul festival is undoubtedly the best event to showcase the richness of Melanau culture and heritage.

Celebrated annually at the Kala Dana beach here, it is one of the main events on the state’s tourism calendar.

This year’s edition kicked off with a procession led by a contingent comprising 45 Melanau community leaders carrying the “Serahang”, or decorated baskets on poles traditionally used to offer food to the spirits.

The 14 groups participating in the parade were Anak Melanau from Tabika Kemas Mukah, Pencak Silat group from Kampung Judan and Kampung Tutus, Sarawak Dayak National Union Mukah Branch, Dayak Bidayuh National Association, Sri Wangsa group from Sibu, Sri Ritma group from Mukah, Legend of Srimona from Kampung Tanam Dalat, Matu and Daro district contingent, Warismu from Mukah, Kampung Medong, Mukah Melanau Association and Miri Melanau Association.

During the parade every contingent showed their own performances to about 15,000 visitors from all over the state as well as foreign tourists.

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