Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Best Spot for a Scuba Diving Vacation in Borneo

The best spot for a Scuba Diving Vacation in Borneo is without a doubt at Sipadan island and its surrounding waters. Sipadan island is still one of the world's most famous dive destinations more than 25 years after it was 'discovered' by oceans' greatest ambassador, Jacques Cousteau.

Cousteau fell in love with Sipadan so much that he decided to let the Calypso's anchor lay there longer than it had on any other expedition to have a longer scuba diving expedition and vacation.

The unique island is Malaysia's only oceanic island. It was formed by living coral and grew on top of an extinct undersea volcano, which is an isolated column of rock rising defiantly 600 to 700m from the sea floor about 10km south of the continental shelf. Sipadan is still one of the world's most diverse and interesting reefs with a rich marine life.

Besides Sipadan, the other two nearby islands, Mabul and Kapalai, are also excellent dive spots and spectacular on their own right. Mabul is a mere 20min speed boat ride away from Sipadan. Mabul is the most developed at the moment in terms of tourist facilities since the Sabah State government prohibited overnight stay at Sipadan in early 2005.

Kapalai is about 15 minutes by boat from Sipadan and is the smallest island compared to Sipadan and Mabul. Its accommodations is basically a water village as they are mostly built on sturdy stilts on the shallow sandbanks of the Ligitan Reefs and structures erected on water.

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