Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Out-of-itinerary tours not easy for Pandaw Cruise

Tourists prepaid their local agents thus making it difficult for local agents to come up with any inbound tour

SIBU: Tourists coming for Pandaw cruise had prepaid their tour packages, making it difficult for local travel agents to organise any out-of-itinerary inbound tours.

“They have paid their local agents in their own country for the Pandaw cruise package.

“This means that the itinerary is also pre-arranged.

“It is not like to say, for example, after the 10th day or before they embark on the cruise, you can organise an inbound tour for them,” managing director of Equitorial Tours and Travel Sdn Bhd Robert Tan said yesterday.

“This is because for a group of 10 people and above, they don’t normally change their booking at the last minute.

“This will cause them to incur heavy expenses and inconveniences for them,” he said, adding that their next destination was also pre-booked.

He, however, said small groups might want to extend their stay here by going for optional tours.

The managing director was responding to a recent comment by chairman of Sarawak Central Region Hotel Association Johnny Wong, who reportedly said local agents failed to promote local tourism to tourists coming for the Pandaw cruise.

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