Monday, August 03, 2009

Sarawak Restaurant - Simply Eaton

I was introduced to a really good Malay restaurant in Miri recently.

It is good in every sense - right from the concept of the name, down to the food and the people who serve you.

Patrons come from far and near. Not only that, VIPs also frequently patronise this place. I noticed that patrons consisted of Malays, Chinese, Dayaks and other races as well.

The place is called 'Simply Eaton'. According to the owner, Mr Rammel Firdaus Ramli, the word, 'Eaton' is derived from 'Eat On'.

"You can order a few dishes and simply eat on as you go along. You are not pressured to order a lot of things in one taking.
"In this way, you take your dinner or lunch in a relaxed manner and simply add on your menu and eat on as and when you feel like eating," said a smiling Rammel.

"We spent a lot of money on the decor to create the ambience that is soothing and relaxing for the patrons. They even have a choice of outdoor or indoor air-conditioned room."

I noticed that there was also a surau or prayer room for Muslims.

On Fridays, Simply Eaton has a special menu, Nasi Berani lamp shank, priced at only RM6. Many Muslims come for this special signature dish on Fridays.

Another signature dish of Simply Eaton is Mee Jawa, a traditional Malay dish consisting of yellow noodles, with egg, beef and bean sprouts.

What makes this Mee Jawa different from others is the sauce, which is a family owned secret recipe handed down by parents of Puan Zaiton Adeni, the mother of Encik Rammel. Both mother and son manage Simply Eaton.

They are the perfect example of successful Malay entrepreneurs. They started the business with their own capital, with chipping in of savings from the father, mother and sons.

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