Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Pinnacles of Borneo, They are Worth the Trek

Gunung Mulu national Park in Sarawak Malaysia is a must see destination on anyone’s list visiting Borneo. Take a twin engine plane from Kuching and fly over the vast jungle. By air is the only way to get to the park and once you land you feel as if you are in the most remote corner of the world.

A climb to the mysterious pinnacles is the star attraction of Gunung Mulu. The Pinnacles are a stone forest jutting 45 metres out of the earth in razor sharp formations. Part of the fun and challenge is getting there. Make your way to the parks headquarters and you can book your multi-day excursion deep into the heart of the Borneo Jungle.

You will arrive most likely in the afternoon, so book a dorm room for the night. Meeting other trekkers, you can arrange to share a boat and guide to bring down the costs. It can be quite expensive to hire a private boat so it is worth it to make friends quickly as people tend to pair up fast.

You have to bring your own food with you, so if you did not bring anything on your flight, you can go to the canteen to stock up. Pack lightly because you have to carry everything on your back. After being dropped off by boat 2 hours into the jungle, you will have to hike 8.9 km to your camp. Make sure to bring enough to eat for 3 days and remember to carry all of your waste back out.

At 7:00 am you start the journey up the Melinau river. The water can be low and the driver and navigator earn their money as they pull it through shallow water careful to avoid rocks and logs. Once you arrive at the trail entrance, make sure to inform the captain how many days you will be staying so that you are not stranded.

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