Friday, January 15, 2010

New bird species discovered in Danum Valley

A new species of flowerpecker, a tiny lowland bird, has been discovered in Danum Valley, Sabah – a fitting gift to Malaysia as it ushers in the International Year of Biodiversity.

Named the Spectacled flowerpecker for the white, broken ring around its eyes, the bird has yet to be described scientifically.

The discovery was made by bird guide Richard Webster last June 18 while birdwatching on the 35m above-ground canopy walkway of the Borneo Rainforest Lodge.

A media release by the University of Leeds said after Webster consulted with Dr David Edwards, a fellow at the university’s Faculty of Biological Science who has been conducting ornithological studies in the region for three years, he realised that he had stumbled upon a species new to science.

Further observations over the following days by Webster, Dr Edwards and Rose Ann Rowlett, another tour guide, found at least two of the unknown birds feeding on a fruiting mistletoe, a parasitic plant growing on the tualang tree. They even heard one of the birds singing.

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CE Webster said...

That's great about the new discovery of the flowerpecker! Thanks for the post on it, very interesting.