Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sinar Serapi Eco Theme Park - A paradise in the making in Kuching

ANOTHER best-kept secret paradise of Kuching has been revealed.

Not located on an island or a tropical rainforest, Sinar Serapi Eco Theme Park is at Km12 Jalan Sungai Tengah, off Jalan Matang, about 12km from the city centre.

It is the first of its kind in Sarawak and officially opened its doors about two years ago in a low note.

Managed by Jalinan Bernas Sdn Bhd, the park offers days of fun, thrills and spills at its eco-friendly children’s water park, lakeside steamboat buffet, four-feet-deep recreational lake and waterfront cafe.

Jalinan Bernas managing director Ambrose Wong said the park was open for business from 8am to 10.30pm daily.

“It will have more eco-friendly facilities and exhibits next year after the scheduled works are completed,” he said during a media tour on Thursday evening.

The facilities included a heritage pavilion, a floating stage and a visitors mall beside the man-made recreational lake where water sports like kayaking and jet skiing could be held, he added.

Wong said the park spread over a 21ha site would eventually be transformed into an integrated development which would include a magical playground for adults and children and venues for international cultural events, water sports, musical shows, residential homes and a hotel.

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collina pang said...

After trekking up Gunung Serapi, we decided to look around Sinar Serapi Resort upon seeing a big "FREE ENTRANCE 19-30 NOVEMBER 2010" banner at the resort's entrance. But on entering the resort we were told to buy coupons RM10.00 and RM5.00 for adult and children respectively. We told them that we wanted to walk around for a few minutes to look at the facilities available, but were told entry allowed after coupons were bought. I waited outside for a few more minutes and noticed that many were refused entry. SO MUCH FOR THE "FREE ENTRANCE' PROMOTION AT THE 'PARADISE IN THE MAKING IN KUCHING'. THAT'S FIRST CLASS PROMOTION FOR YOU. "FREE ENTRANCE" BUT BUY COUPON IF YOU WANT TO ENTER. KUCHINGITES, PLS BE ADVISE NOTHING IS FREE AT SINAR SERAPI PARADISE IN THE MAKING AS PROCLAIMED BY "THE STAR"

Anonymous said...

Well, some people just dont understand what FREE ENTRANCE means. The CASH COUPONS are for visitors to redeem(every cent)any F&B items, Childern Splash Pool or watersports activities like kayaking, boat rides ect. in the lake. But not applicable at the Mini Mart.