Thursday, November 04, 2010

Year-end sale to lure Brunei folks to Miri

TOURISM Malaysia will launch the Malaysia Year End Sale in Miri in December to attract tourists from Brunei.

Sarawak Tourism Malaysia director Ahmad Johanif Mohd Ali said the sale would be held in time for the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

He pointed out that shopping was among the main draws for tourists.

“In 2009, shopping contributed RM15.1bil to an overall tourism receipts of RM53.4bil, a positive growth of 17.3% from the previous year,” he told reporters during the a prize-presentation ceremony for the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival 2010 Quiz Contest in Kuching.

The year-end sale is one of the country’s two annual shopping carnivals, the other being the Mega Sale held in July.

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