Sunday, April 24, 2011

How to enjoy long haul flights


A flight that takes more time than the usual number of working office hours is for me one of the most challenging experiences.

In my years of travelling, I am also sometimes required to go through more than three flight changes at a time and on different airlines.

Being on the run to catch flights for myself now is an enjoyable task.

What with the time changes in between the countries that I have visited, it can be hectic, due to the long hours and our body clock, which we have to change and adjust with environments new to us, never mind the lost sleep.

But, if you think about it, the perfect time to get lots of sleep is while onboard an airplane - although it might not be comfortable, unless you are sitting in first class or business.

With the changing of the times, every-one can now afford to travel, thanks to the revolution of crosscutting technologies that contribute to the economy and people making financially sound choices with regards to airplanes as well as improvements in comfort.

Airlines have actually been providing the most comfortable flying experiences for its customers.

Of course, travelling coach is minimal in comparison and can be uncomfortable at times.

I always imagine that I am sitting and watching a movie marathon in those airline seats that literally only fits the frame of my body!

So here I would like to share through my experience as a frequent traveller on how to enjoy long haul flights, even if you cannot afford the first or business class.

One of the first things that I always have prepared is my mindset; I get myself wanting to feel that being on an airplane for long hours is one of the most wonderful experiences, although there are always hiccups and not everything goes according to plan.

So how do I do it?

One thing is to prepare what you need to travel with - always be ready, always have good bags with you and don't rush on the way or when you arrive.

What I have observed is that many people would pack a lot of unnecessary things into their bags.

Most want to have their favourite music with them, thus bringing MP3 players in their carry-on bags.

This may strike them as a good decision at first but considering that airplanes do offer some entertainment, instead of having an MP3 player with you (which most of the time airhostesses would ask you to switch off anyway for safety reasons), just sit back and enjoy the show provided all the way.

Another thing that you should do before getting on flights is always drinking enough water or liquid.

This has been common practice for me, and most of my friends share the same view.

One could get dehydrated due to the dry air inside the airplane and the varying cabin pressures.

Even though food and beverages are served onboard airplanes, I always make sure that I eat at the airport before I depart, because not everyone likes airline food, and considering their portions...

Well, for me, the portion is never enough.

So, to be truly comfortable and to avoid asking the airhostesses for more food after they are served, do eat beforehand, as the airhostesses have a lot more to do and a lot of passengers to handle than to be pestered by a hungry passenger.

A tip on using the small TV screen in front of you:

When you want to take that much deserved nap, switch it off, as I find that it gives out a lot of heat and, believe me, when you are inside a small space, that heat can be a nuisance!

I remember waking up with a jolt from a comfortable sleep because of the heat that I felt.

The worst thing was that I was up and couldn't go back to sleep after this.

I had to wait the next five hours for our arrival.

Remember, your holiday starts when you are in the airplane.

Sleep while you can, and this is also, if not more, important if you are on a business trip.

Enjoy movies that you did not get a chance to watch before.

Airlines have now become outstanding with their entertainment packages and updated, too, so sit back, relax and enjoy that long haul trip.

Source: Borneo Bulletin

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