Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuaran to host the launch of the State-level Tadau Kaamatan festival

Tambunan: Tuaran will host the launching of the State-level Tadau Kaamatan this year on May 1.

However, Deputy Chief Minister cum President of Kadazandusun Murut Cultural Association (KDCA) Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan said the traditional celebration of the KDM community has already started at village and mukim levels.

To this, he said the Kaamatan is traditionally held to enable the people or residents of a village living elsewhere to return home to unite with their families.

"It is also to remind them of their identities and the effort to preserve and conserve their culture," he said at the Mukim Monsorulung Kaamatan celebration recently.

The theme this year he said is "Cultural Understanding - The Way Forward", which also is a symbolic appreciation to kinorohingan (God).

As with previous celebrations, he said the event this year is to showcase the rich cultural heritage in Sabah.

He said there would be event such as sugandoi (singing) contest, Unduk Ngadau (beauty contest), traditional sports and also exhibition on agriculture and handcraft products.

In conjunction with the Kaamatan, he urged KDM community throughout Sabah to wear their respective traditional sub-ethnic costumes.

"We hope that the celebration this year will be aptly used to display the unique tradition and culture of the community in a locality," he said.

He said they should be proud wearing the traditional costumes because such display would also attract visitors to know more about KDM ethnic diversity.

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